Increasing Safety by Reducing risk.

  Slip resistant solutions for: Tiles – Vinyl – Wood – Laminate – Karndean and Concrete.

Professionally installed and certified

Slippage on wet floors can take a fraction of a second, while the consequences could last a life time. Broken bones and litigation are just some of the possible outcomes. Reducing the risk of slip injury is a critical safety aspect to be considered.

    • Are you an: Architect, Facilities, Operations, Manager or H & S personnel investigating the need to reduce slip injury.
    • Concerned about how slippery your floor is and worried you might get sued if somebody slips over on it?
    • Currently involved with a project and part of the specification is to provide a certified floor to meet the HSE requirements?

Floor Safe anti slip treatment for tiled floors. from Floor Safe Ltd on Vimeo.


Pu anti-slip for Vinyl Floors by Floor Safe Ltd from Floor Safe Ltd on Vimeo.

The Pendulum slip tester is the preferred method used by the HSE to determine the slip resistance of a floor. Watch the video on how our anti slip treatment turns a potentially slippery non compliant tile into slip resistant tile that now meets the HSE guidelines of ‘Low Risk’

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Anti-slip treatments can save you up to 80% against the cost of having to replace your floors.

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The hidden cost of slip injury for UK businesses.


expandedcatering copy30% of all major injuries

20% of over 3 day injuries to employees

50% of all reported accidents to members of public

95% of UK major slip accidents result in broken bones

Cost to employers £512 million per year

Cost to health service £133 million per year. *HSE Statistics

Anti-slip  treatments are clear and can be applied to almost any surface. What’s more if it’s a tiled floor, often the application can be applied and walked on immediately which means:

  • No down time
  • No loss of business,
  • No more worries.


Cost of replacement against an anti-slip treatment.

We are not going to deny that installing a new slip resistant floor with a manufactures warranty is the best option but in many cases this just isn’t an option due the cost. The example below is based on a recent quote for a well know high street restaurant that has a slip claim going against it.

100 square meters of tiled flooring.

Replace floor:

Clear furniture / fixings and remove existing floor and screed sub floor £15 per square meter

Fit new tiles and grout: £35 per square meter

Estimated time to complete works 4 days.

Total: £5000 (plus 4 days closure)


Anti-slip treatment:

£12.00  per square meter.

Slip tested and certified to meet the HSE guidelines.

Work to be carried out – out of hours and the floor put back to use immediately

Total £1200.00 (with no loss of business to the restaurant).


Over the last five years we have professionally installed our anti slip products in to over 100,000 square meters of flooring for some of the most well-known businesses making us one of the leading installers of anti-slip surfaces in the UK. Take advantage of our vast experience and our professional and reliable approach. We will help you develop the right strategy to ensure that you are doing everything practically possible to maintain a safe floor. Find out more about our benefits, our philosophy and our specialist advice. We offer a full range of professional flooring safety services. Have a look through our website and discover the range of services we can offer you

  • Our products have been tested many times on site by local authorities / UKAS EHO and passed.
  • Last year we were the preferred contractor chosen by the MOD for all safety floor solutions.
  • We are one of the only companies recommended by independent testing laboratory.
  • Currently involved with four councils, five of the UK’s main restaurant chains on the High Street and the biggest leisure chain in the UK.